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Pushing the Envelope: EEP Unveils Two New DJ Set Designs

October, typically one of the busiest months of the year for EEP Events, culminated in a fantastic weekend focusing on two homecoming celebrations that allowed us the opportunity to unleash two new set designs!  We provided newly opened Cambridge High School, and repeat client Johns Creek High School with two completely unique DJ and dance floor pro lighting and pro sound designs, received with cheers and rave reviews from school administrators and students.

High school homecoming events have come a long way from the balloons and streamers that many of us may remember from our own teenage years.  Current homecoming planning committees envision a night club atmosphere with music to match, and this is precisely what EEP Events delivered for our October 27th, 2012 homecoming dances.

Johns Creek High School challenged the EEP team to take attendees “Around the World’ without leaving their own campus.  We answered by designing a new, multi-room set that focused heavily on pro lighting and pro video technology to transport students around the globe within the confines of one evening.  In the courtyard, gobos (stencils projected over spotlights) projected a Chinese Pagoda, the Coliseum in Rome and New York’s Times Square.  Centrally positioned, an enormous Aerostar illuminated globe replica invited attendees to travel “Around the World”.

Inside the building, one of EEP Events’ top pop and hip hop DJs spun favorite tracks pre-selected by the committee using a custom web tool, but he wasn’t just placed in a corner on a nondescript banquet table.  Vaulted above the crowd on a truss tower bathed in colorful intelligent light beams that pulsated with the beat, the DJ became the focal point of the event space.  Skillfully mixing behind an illuminated DJ façade, he was also mysteriously shrouded from the view of the attendees’ – the “Wizard of Oz” of DJs.

About fifteen miles away, at Cambridge High School, we were honored to be selected to provide pro sound, pro lighting and DJ services for the brand new school’s very first homecoming!  Students and faculty arrived on Saturday evening to discover a haunted Halloween dance floor, presided over by a top EEP Events DJ spinning their requests, and resulting in a successful inaugural dance party for the school.

The Cambridge set featured large scale gobos transforming the brick courtyard into an illuminated forest, with an orange jack-o-lantern gobo highlighting the DJ’s space.  A crisp white DJ façade flanked by two spandex-wrapped truss towers were lit in cool blue tones.  Color-changing intelligent lights flashed custom patterns over the crowd and created a dance club in the courtyard space.

After both homecoming celebrations were over, clients told us that the results were even better than the visions they held in their mind’s eye.  Our team was very proud to contribute to the growing school spirit and pride of both student communities, by delivering professional lighting and sound designs that transformed each school campus into it’s own unique event space.

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