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One Venue, One Day, Multiple Weddings: What to Ask Before Booking a Multi-Event Venue

Congratulations!  You’ve found the wedding venue you’ve been looking for.  It’s perfect!  But, wait a minute… there’s going to be another wedding taking place in the ballroom next door?

This scenario is fairly common, and it can be executed perfectly if you have a professional venue with an experienced team.  But, it can also be a recipe for trouble if you don’t have those key elements.

How do you know the difference?  Begin by asking about these crucial factors for successful side-by-side weddings:

Parking Logistics:

Let’s start at the beginning.   Before your guests even enter your event space, they’ll need to either self-park or valet.  If there is no valet offered, and both your wedding guests and the other wedding guestts will self-park, are there enough spaces?  Is there overflow parking if needed?

When it comes to valet parking, you may have the choice to offer valet service to your guests and pay by the car.  If you choose that option, how will you know that guests attending the other wedding don’t valet on your tab?  A flat fee for valet services would be ideal in a multiple wedding scenario.

Guest Arrival

When coordinating guest arrival for two separate weddings, both timing and space are very important.

It’s ideal to stager the arrival times so that your guests arrive and enter your wedding either before, or after, the guests for the other wedding.  The venue manager should be open to this and in fact, she should suggest it for ease of guest flow.

You’ll also want to know if the arrival space is shared.  Venues with separate entrances are wonderful; your guests may never even see the guests of the other party in some cases.  But, you’re not at all doomed at a venue with a shared entrance.  That just makes the timing all the more important.


This is an ultra important element.  If you’ve ever been to a wedding and heard the music and the DJ in the next room, you know how frustrating this can be.  If you havent, take my word for it: it’s frustrating!

If you’re in a large venue, your ballroom may be on the other side of the building.  But  if your ballroom shares a wall with a neighboring wedding, make sure that your venue manager clearly explains how much noise will bleed through.

Division of Space

When sharing a venue with another client, make sure that you clearly understand which space you’re entitled to use, and when.  The last thing you want to do is assume that you can use a general area like a lobby or an outdoor terrace for photos, only to discover that the other group has the same plan.


Ask your venue manager if she/he is coordinating the rental agreements for both weddings.  If not, ask how the communication takes place with the other manager overseeing the neighboring wedding.  The goal is to be sure there are no surprises on wedding day and all venue staff are aware of the space and amenities you’ve been promised.

After you’ve discussed each of the above elements with your venue manager, I recommend one more step before signing your contract.  Ask for a few references for Brides who had their wedding at the venue, and had a neighboring wedding happening at the same time.  This suggestion will not only ensure that the venue has experience in coordinating simultaneous events, but also should give you peace of mind after speaking with a happy customer.

I hope these recommendations have been helpful for you in selecting the perfect setting for your Wedding Day!

If you have more questions, I would love to help you.  Please feel free to send me an e-mail: Leah@EEPEvents.com.



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