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Budget Busters: Avoid a Wedding Month Meltdown with These Tips!

It could happen to you.  You’re a few weeks away from your wedding day, confident that you’ll wind up under budget.  You’re even patting yourself on the back for your spreadsheet management skills and discipline.

But wait … it turns out you’ve overlooked a few things after all!  It only takes a few unexpected last minute expenses to turn your well planned wedding into a financial headache.

Take note of these commonly overlooked wedding expenses, and add them into your budget plan from the start to save yourself unnecessary stress.

  1. Rain Plan Expenses:

We can cross our fingers and do a “no rain dance” in hopes of ensuring sunny skies on your wedding day, but the reality           is that if you activate your rain plan, you’ll likely be incurring some additional expenses.

Will you need to pay additional rental fees if your rain plan space or venue is used?  Will you need to rent a tent or additional chairs?  Will you want to add floral and decor enhancements to the indoor space?  Talk with your vendor team about these options early in the planning process, so you’re prepared for additional costs related to the rain plan.

  1. Wedding Party Gifts: 

Most likely, you realize that the Bride and Groom traditionally give gifts to each member of the Wedding Party.  You may have even given some thought to what you’ll buy for your Bridesmaids.  But, have you considered the cost of each gift and added this line item to your budget?  The cost of Wedding Party gifts varies greatly, but could add several hundred and up to thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

  1. Wedding Day Stationery:

Programs, menu cards, table numbers, escort cards and place cards: they’re the details that can elevate a wedding from beautiful to blog-worthy.  Not to mention the adorable Instagram signs announcing your hashtag, the cocktail signs inviting guests to try your signature sips … the possibilities are endless!  All of those wonderful paper details have a price tag too, so make sure you take the time to fully build out the stationery line item on your budget when the planning begins.

  1. Rentals: 

You know what they say about assuming.  So, don’t assume anything when it comes to rental items and which vendor is supplying them.  When interviewing potential caterers, make sure you know if their proposal includes china, flatware, glassware, and buffet equipment, if applicable.  Table linens, napkins, votive candles, cake plateaus and other specialty items may be supplied by your caterer or designer.  Be sure to have detailed conversations with each of your vendors to ensure you aren’t surprised with last minute rental expenses.

Does managing all of these details sound like a full time job? It is: one we love to do!  We offer customizable wedding planning packages, and so much more, at EEP Events.  Check out our website to learn more about our offerings.

Not sure if you need planning help?  No problem! We’ll set up a complimentary consultation for you.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this post!  I would love to hear from you: how is your budget planning going?  Comment on this post and join the conversation!

Until next time, happy planning!

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