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Brides Ask Why: “Why Shouldn’t I DIY?”

Thanks for checking out the second post in our new “Brides Ask Why” series, where I’ll be answering common questions that I’m often asked by EEP Events clients.

We’re living in the Pinterest generation, and more “DIY” (do it yourself) tutorials are uploaded every day on dozens of wedding websites.  Most Brides face the challenge of achieving their decor vision within a budget, so it seems like a great idea: cut costs by eliminating the professional designer and creating the decorations yourself! Brilliant, right?!  Not quite.

A significant portion of a professional designer or florist’s price is for labor, and rightfully so.  Their role includes creating the decor elements, transporting them to the venue(s), installing them, lighting candles, moving things from the ceremony to reception if needed, and returning at the end of the event to pack everything up and leave your venue in good condition.

If you choose to go the DIY route for decor, you’ll need to recruit someone to handle the delivery, installation, setup and cleanup.  It’s not going to be you, your bridesmaids, or your mom: you’ll all be having your hair and makeup done and then taking photos before the ceremony.  Finding someone who will commit to getting everything delivered and set up may be simpler than finding someone to remove it and clean up.  You’ll also need to make sure you have a backup plan in place.  What happens if the friend or family member who agrees to help you gets sick or has an unexpected emergency?  If the venue isn’t cleaned up properly by the specified time, you could be facing additional fees when you return from your honeymoon!  This is a concern you could eliminate by hiring a pro.

Also take some time to seriously consider the cost of materials.  Tutorials make DIY projects seem simple and inexpensive, but they don’t mention the extra materials you’ll need to buy if you make mistakes.  You may also need to purchase specialty tools to make a centerpiece or decor element look just right.  By the time all expenses are totaled, you may not be saving as much money as you expected.

Working with fresh flowers is an especially risky endeavor if you’re not skilled in this area.  Selecting, storing, and caring for blooms is a craft to which pro florists dedicate years of education and experience.  Make a wrong move, and you could easily wind up carrying a wilted bouquet!

It’s also easy to underestimate how much time is needed for DIY design projects.  The closer your wedding date gets, the more valuable your time becomes as final guest count becomes due and wedding day details need to be finalized.

Before you commit to making your own centerpieces and decor elements, interview a few professionals and ask about cost saving measures like repurposing bridesmaids bouquets for guest table centerpieces and reusing ceremony arrangements for your head table or food stations.  Finding a designer or florist who will work with you to stay within your budget is the best way to eliminate stress and uncertainty, and many pros would be delighted to use your Pinterest board as their design inspiration!

Need recommendations for a florist or designer, or have more wedding questions?  You can schedule a complimentary consultation with me by visiting our website.

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The featured image on this post shows a beautiful centerpiece professionally crafted by On Occasions of Atlanta and photographed by ArtStar Photography.

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