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Brides Ask Why: Why Should I Start with My Guest List?

I often receive calls from Brides who have been engaged for just a few days. They’re gazing lovingly at their brand-spanking-new diamond, overwhelmed by a stack of bridal magazines and wondering where to begin. If this sounds like your current predicament, keep reading! Help is ahead!

While it’s not as exciting as dress shopping, venue tours, or Pinterest marathons, penning a guest list for your big day is THE place to start. Why? Nearly every element of your wedding is affected by your guest count. The elements that aren’t directly related to guest count (like your dress) are related to your budget, and your budget is related to your guest count! See where we’re going here?

When you’re working to determine your budget, you won’t get very far without knowing the expected guest count and being able to share this number with vendors in order to get accurate quotes for their services.

Beyond the financial reasons to determine your guest count early on, you’ll also have capacity limits to consider as you shop venues. The last thing you want to do is fall in love with an intimate space that accommodates 100 guests, only to discover that you simply can’t shave your guest list down that far.

Be careful not to fall into the trap I call “assumed guest count”. This is what happens when you and your fiancee discuss that 150 guests will be perfect, and both sets of parents agree. Budgets are set, and plans are made, only to discover later on when you begin writing names down that your guest list is closer to 200 people. Remember: agreeing on the size wedding you want is much different than agreeing on exactly who will receive an invitation.

To clarify, that first guest list that you create as step one may be modified several times as you determine your budget. It’s very possible that your list will need some cuts in order to accommodate all of the elements you desire without over spending. That process is still much better than budgeting for an assumed number of guests, only to be surprised when your numbers are way off.

I hope that this blog is helpful for you in your wedding plans! Interested in more tips and helpful hints for Brides? Schedule your complimentary consultation with me!

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Happy Planning!

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