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Brides Ask Why: “Why Can’t My Catering Manager Coordinate My Wedding?”

Thanks to everyone who has been following our “Brides Ask Why” series!  In these posts, I’ve been sharing the answers to commonly ask questions that I receive from EEP Events wedding clients.

Today’s question is often raised during my consultation process.  As I’m describing the services I offer as a wedding planner and coordinator, the Bride often admits that she assumed her Catering Manager (or Venue Manager) would take care of many of those tasks.

Why can’t your Catering Manager coordinate your wedding?  There are a few key answers to this question.

  1.  Your Catering Manager works for your venue (or catering company).

During the planning process, and on wedding day, there are tasks that must be completed that are outside the boundaries of your ceremony and reception venues. Invitations, bridal and wedding party attire, transportation, hair and makeup, and your bridesmaids brunch are just a few of the things that need attention before you or your guests step into your selected venue.  Because your Catering Manager or Venue Manager is employed by your caterer or venue, he or she typically can’t manage these things.  Your Wedding Planner’s “to do” list will encompass all wedding related tasks, regardless of where they take place.

  1. Your Catering Manager can’t be in two places at once.

Catering Managers are often very organized, detail oriented event pros that are so “on it” that you believe they are superheroes.  I used to be a Catering Manager myself!  But even the most amazing Catering Manager cannot be in two places at once.  Let’s take a basic glimpse into the typical wedding day timeline for a few examples.

In the hour before your ceremony begins, your Wedding Planner and her team will be greeting and directing your officiant, musicians, and ushers, overseeing pre-ceremony photos to ensure things run on time, managing a dozen other details that you never even know or worry about, and then lining up and cuing your wedding party.  During this same time, your Catering Manager is overseeing the caterer’s reception setup.

Later, when it’s time for your Wedding Planner to coordinate the introductions of your wedding party into the reception, your Catering Manager is overseeing cocktail hour, guest seating, and making sure the catering team is ready to serve dinner.

Your Catering Manager has her own checklist of important tasks, and you don’t want to pull her focus away from catering.

  1. Personal Attention 

While all of your vendors are working to deliver the services promised to you on wedding day, you really do need someone to pay attention to your personal needs. Your Wedding Planner will be focused on you throughout the day, so when it comes to adjusting your gown or refreshing your lipstick, you have a personal assistant by your side.

  1. The Bottom Line:

Catering Managers typically welcome a Wedding Planner, and the two will work together as a team to make sure all wedding day details are executed perfectly.

I hope this installment of “Brides Ask Why” series was helpful to you!  Want more information about Wedding Planning Services?  You can schedule a complimentary consultation with me by visiting our website and you can e-mail me at Leah@EEPEvents.com.

Happy Planning!

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Leah Stephens Economos is an Atlanta based Event Planner and part of EEP Events.  You can learn more about Leah’s experience here.

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