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Anatomy of a Wedding Budget: Leah Talks Numbers

How do you know how much to budget for your wedding? It’s one of the most common questions my Brides and their families ask. To get what you want while avoiding stress and disappointment, budget early and update your budget often!

Start with a simple template that breaks your total budget down into categories. Your gown, venue rental, catering, and entertainment are some of the more obvious budget categories. But, beware of the details and add-ons such as the bridesmaids’ gifts, hair and makeup, escort cards and hospitality suite food and beverage… these smaller but important elements are notorious for throwing a budget off balance.

The Bride, Groom, and parents that are helping to pay for the wedding, should each write a “Top 5 Priorities” list. If delicious food and a high energy party band are high on everyone’s list, allocating your dollars will be easier! If the priorities don’t match up quite so well, then it’s time to compromise!

As you gather real quotes from your vendors, plug the numbers into your master budget spreadsheet to replace your estimates. It’s typical for the budget to evolve over time: you may select a band that costs more than you budgeted initially, but opt for a less expensive floral package. Keeping your budget current will help you to see where you stand with your wedding finances.

Want more help with wedding budgets and wedding planning? I would love to meet you personally! Send me an e-mail at leah@eepevents.com, or give me a ring at (770) 624-4825.

Happy Planning! Leah


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