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5 Wedding Moments that will Make You Glad You Hired the Right Entertainer

You’ve heard the old sayings, “you get what you pay for” and “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.  We believe those sayings are both true about wedding entertainment prices, of course.  To make it a little more interesting, let’s fast forward.  It’s your wedding day, and you’ve made the right decision and hired a professionally trained entertainer and emcee.  Check out these five wedding moments when you can pause and pat yourself on the back for investing in a pro entertainer (taken from real EEP Events client feedback)!

1. You’re introduced for the first time as husband and wife, and…– Your entertainer is a trained emcee, announces you professionally, and pronounces your names correctly– The song you selected for intros is playing, creating a high energy moment that sets the tone for the reception  

2. It’s time for your First Dance, and…All eyes are on you, because of your entertainer’s ability to hold the attention of your guests– That sentimental song you chose is playing at the perfect volume and sounds great, thanks to high quality sound equipment

3. Your Maid of Honor and Best Man are ready to give their toasts, and…– Your entertainer anticipates their needs and has high quality wireless microphones ready– After toasts, your pro entertainer flows right into the next step – cake cutting, or dance music – thanks to his extensive experience with wedding timelines

4. You’re chatting with your work friends, and…– They compliment you on the awesome cocktail hour music.  The often forgotten cocktail hour music  is more important than you think – great music puts your guests in the mood to dance and celebrate, while a silent cocktail hour leaves guests feeling bored.

5. It’s time for your Grand Departure, and…

– You realize you’ve been dancing for hours… and so have your guests!  Knowing which tunes will pack a dance floor takes plenty of experience with weddings, and the pros will have that experience.  Thanks to your detailed planning meetings with your entertainer, you didn’t have to worry about hearing songs you don’t care for.

Want more info about hiring the right entertainer?  Check out our website, or contact us!

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